Putin: Nothing in world politics will be the same

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday, from the rostrum of the World Economic Forum in St. Petersburg, accused the West of colonial arrogance and attempts to crush his country with “stupid” sanctions that amount to an economic “lightning of war.”

Putin also said that the gloomy forecasts for the Russian economy were not confirmed, and called “difficult but necessary” Russia’s decision to invade Ukraine.

Speaking at the forum this year without the participation of Western countries, addressing the political and economic elite of the country, he said: “We are a strong people, and we can handle any challenge. Like our ancestors, we will solve any problem, this is proved by the entire thousand-year history of our country.”

Putin received a round of applause when he reaffirmed his determination to continue a “special military operation” in Ukraine, which he said sparked an “unprecedented” flurry of Western financial sanctions.

The Russian President stressed that Russian troops in the Donbas are also fighting to protect “Russia’s rights to ensure development.” “The West actually refused to fulfill its previous obligations, it turned out to be impossible to conclude new agreements with it,” Putin said.

“In the current situation, in the face of growing dangers and threats for us, Russia’s decision to conduct a special military operation was an imperative – difficult, of course, but also necessary,” he added.

Putin said that Americans see themselves as “God’s messengers on Earth” and that Western sanctions are based on the false assumption that Russia has no economic sovereignty.

They did not spare money and do not spare money for Russophobia – Vladimir Putin

Washington and its allies were trying to “change the course of history,” he said, to weaken a sovereign, independent Russia. However, “nothing will be the same in world politics,” he said after a lengthy denunciation of the US and its Western allies.

Sanctions against Russia are insane and thoughtless – Vladimir Putin

“Sanctions have returned like a boomerang. Sanctions against Moscow, tantamount to an economic blitzkrieg, Putin said, never stood a chance of success. He added that the Russian economy has overcome Western sanctions imposed on it.

Western Allies, led by EU and the US has imposed the toughest economic sanctions any country in modern history has faced since Moscow invaded Ukraine on Feb. 24.

All attempts to put a good face on a bad game cannot hide the main thing – the European Union has finally lost its political sovereignty, – Vladimir Putin

According to the Russian president, the EU could lose more than $400 billion due to sanctions, which he claimed would boomerang on those who imposed them. He also stressed that the EU has lost “political sovereignty” by embarking on a path leading to radicalization and elite change, criticizing EU economic policies such as “printing money” to fight high inflation and inequality.

We all hear about “Putin’s inflation” in the West. Who is this stupidity for? For those who cannot read and write” – Vladimir Putin

He also criticized the West for blaming him personally for its financial problems and said that Russia’s actions in Ukraine, which Moscow calls a “special military operation”, have nothing to do with high inflation in developed countries.

They themselves have done things, prices have skyrocketed and they are looking for the guilty again – Vladimir Putin

He further stated that Russia was not to blame for the rise in prices on the world grain market. The Russian leader accused the US of driving up food prices by printing money and “running around collecting” food on world markets.

We may have been pleased to hear that we are omnipotent. We blow inflation to the skies in the US and Europe. We create something that everyone is in a fever. But this is not true. The situation has matured over the years – Vladimir Putin

Putin said that Russia was ready to increase exports of grain and fertilizers, and that Moscow would export food to Africa and the Middle East. He also added that Russia will continue to grow as an “open economy” despite unprecedented Western sanctions and that it will continue to trade with Western companies.

The President of Russia expressed his hope that gas flows through the new routes will increase. And Russia will continue to expand economic cooperation “with those who want it”…

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