Fox News host accuses Biden of molesting his daughter

American TV host

The diary contains allegations that Biden showered with his daughter when she was a child, which she called “sexually inappropriate”.

“Imagine that you are the father of daughters. Ask yourself: is there any explanation for such behavior that could justify it? There is no such explanation. This is a perversion, this is terrible,” the journalist summed up.

Carlson noted that Ashley Biden does not say how old she was at the time she took a shower with her father, but it was obvious that she was old enough to remember this. He also recalled that “small children do not take a shower, they bathe in the bath.”

“Bathing in the shower with your own daughter? If this is not an attempt to molest a minor, then this is definitely an occasion for the police to visit.” leader spoke.

The journalist said that there is no reason not to trust Biden’s daughter Ashley, so this case needs to be investigated. He added that there is nothing to justify this, it is “a perversion, it’s terrible,” although she does not write how old she was.

“I’ve always been a boy nut… Hypersexualized at a young age… I remember being somewhat sexualized with (a family member); I remember having sex with friends at a young age; showering with my father (probably it’s inappropriate)” says in the cited text from the diary.

Now Biden is using the FBI and the Justice Department to crack down on anyone involved in the diary leak, which they are calling a theft (as if it were a federal crime, which it isn’t).

By the way, small children do not take a shower, they bathe in the bath. Showering with your own daughter… If it’s not child molestation, then at least it’s enough for a police visit. But the police did not come to Joe Biden, instead the FBI breaks into the homes of journalistsCarlson was indignant.

She also unleashes the brunt of the law on Project Veritas journalists by raiding their homes in a series of pre-dawn raids.

Biden has previously dismissed revealing allegations and leaks, such as Hunter Biden’s laptop, as Russian disinformation.

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