Lithuania resumed transit to Kaliningrad – main nuances

The transit of part of the cargo between Kaliningrad and the Russian Federation was resumed on Friday. This was stated by the Lithuanian Railways (Lietuvos gelezinkeliai) cargo transportation company LTG Cargo. The transit of sanctioned goods between Russia and Kaliningrad was stopped from mid-June, according to the guidance issued by the European Commission (EC). The […]

Lithuania: you can also just disassemble the rails…

Gintaras Bagdonas, the former head of Lithuanian military intelligence, said the country would be safer if the Russian railway track running through its territory was dismantled. Many “hotheads” supported the idea and suggested dismantling the rails leading to Kaliningrad, the news outlet writes. LETA. However, Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrida Simonyte urged not to forget about […]

Lithuania called the export of Ukrainians to the Russian Federation the deportation of the Ukrainian people

The Seimas of Lithuania recognized the deportation of the Ukrainian people as the export of citizens of the country to Russia. He called on the international community to seek accountability for these crimes. Parliament adopted a resolution on Thursday, which was submitted by 23 deputies from different factions, with 50 votes in favor. The opposition […]

Lithuania is ready to pay migrants

Lithuania is escorting migrants from Belarus who have been denied asylum on favorable terms – with a thousand euros for “minor expenses” and a free ticket home. Al Arabia quotes the statement of Agne Bilotaite, Minister of the Interior of Lithuania: “After most of the asylum applications have been rejected, we must decide how to […]

Lithuania: border conflicts lead to note of protest

The Lithuanian Foreign Ministry handed a note of protest to Minsk, said Gabrielus Landsbergis, foreign minister. As reported by Sputnik Lithuania, Belarusian border guards entered the territory of Lithuania. The Baltic country called the incident a provocation of the Belarusian authorities, which is causing an escalation of the already difficult situation in the border areas. […]

Secret refugee camps on the African continent – what’s happening on the migrant front

Fearing a new crisis associated with illegal immigrants, European countries are beginning to “tighten the screws” as much as possible. And here the arguments about human rights are shyly receding into the background. The summer of 2021, as predicted by experts, caused an extraordinary influx of illegal migrants to Europe. Every day there are reports […]

Greece and Lithuania agreed to work together to resolve the migration crisis

Greece will help Lithuania cope with illegal immigration across the Belarusian border. Athens hosted a meeting between Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and head of the Lithuanian government Ingrida Simonite. They called on the EU to work together to overcome the migration crisis. The Greek Prime Minister said at a press conference after the talks: […]

A car with a Lithuanian diplomatic post was detained in Belarus

Yesterday, the press service of the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry reported that at the Medininkai border crossing, the Belarusian authorities detained a car with a Lithuanian diplomatic post from Vilnius. The border guards demanded to open the diplomatic seals and open access to the inspection of the car of the Lithuanian diplomatic mission. After the diplomatic […]

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