Thriller on a flight from Athens to Thessaloniki

Passengers on a flight from Athens to Thessaloniki experienced moments of horror when the plane landed at Macedonia Airport. Due to the weather disasters, accompanied by hail and strong winds, the turbulence during the flight was frightening. In addition, the pilot failed to land on the first attempt.

The crew and passengers of the plane, who were at the mercy of the elements, had to endure tense minutes. The event is described by theatrical producer, vocal coach and passenger of this ill-fated flight, Maria Stefano, who did not fail to praise the professional skills and actions of the pilot, as well as the composure of the crew of the aircraft, which maintained their composure despite the difficult conditions.

“We heard that the weather conditions in Thessaloniki were unfavorable, but we did not realize how serious it was. Shortly before landing, the turbulence of the plane was such that we could not believe that we would survive. I began to pray, and some of my fellow travelers told me that they had never seen anything like it even on a transatlantic voyage,” Ms Stefanou said.

The vocal coach adds that “the pilot’s first attempt to land the plane was not successful, so he went for a second run and tried again a few minutes later. Fortunately, the second time everything went well, but I just lost heart. When we stopped, I noticed that many of the passengers were throwing up. Some were shocked,” she said.

“I am telling you all this so that you can better understand what can happen when you least expect it. However, to be honest, if the pilot was not such an experienced professional, and the crew was so “cool”, everything could have ended very differently,” Ms. Stefanou concluded in an interview for

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