June 25, 2024

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The abbot of the monastery shot a man who asked for payment for work

The abbot shot and wounded a 45-year-old man when the latter demanded payment for work at a monastery located in Inoi, in northwestern Attica. The perpetrator is arrested, as is his victim, because he was the first to sue him.

The 45-year-old man went to the monastery for consecration for a few days and at that time helped the monks in their affairs. After two weeks, he decided to leave and asked for payment for the work he had done. However, the abbot refused to pay him, saying that it is not customary in the monastery to pay those who help in the work. Nevertheless, he offered the man 170 euros for the job.

Offended by his feelings, he left the monastery and returned a few days later with two friends who came to support him. The three men began arguing with the rector and, according to the police report, “caused some damage to the place.”

It would seem that the parties could agree, because the monastery is not a brothel, but the hegumen took out a rifle and shot at the man, wounding him in his right hand.

“He’s a killer, he owed me and went to kill me” said, among other things, the wounded man about the abbot.

The incident ended with the arrest of the abbot, who was taken to the prosecutor’s office on Wednesday. He faces criminal liability for threats and insults, illegal possession and use of weapons, and infliction of dangerous bodily harm.

The abbot filed a lawsuit against his victim, who, as reportedalso was arrested. Both are in custody and have been given until Friday to testify.

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