Lightning strikes plane flying from Athens to Thessaloniki

Passengers on the Athens-Thessaloniki flight had a very unpleasant experience last Friday evening. Passengers on a flight from Athens to Thessaloniki experienced moments of horror when the plane landed at Macedonia Airport. Due to the weather disasters, accompanied by hail and strong winds, the turbulence during the flight was frightening. In addition, the pilot failed […]

Air passenger rights: if a flight is canceled at a European airport

This summer, many European airports are operating with annoying failures, this should be recognized as a reality. What to do if the flight is cancelled? The reasons for disruptions in the work of airports are strikes of flight crews, loaders, security services, technical problems, lack of personnel, technical problems. But the passengers suffering from it […]

Extension of NOTAM on the ban on flights from Russia and Belarus to Greece

The Greek Civil Aviation Authority announces that the ban on flights from Russia and Belarus is being extended until September 2022. The ban was announced as part of the sanctions imposed by the European Union in connection with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In a widespread statement of the Civil Aviation Authority (Υπηρεσία Πολιτικής Αεροπορίας), […]

Drunk Brits do "miracles" on flights

A drunken Briton, once on board the airliner, disrupted the flight. According to the information, he was vindictive and aggressive. A 34-year-old drunk boarded an overnight Birmingham-Heraklion flight, according to public television. According to the same information, he was vindictive, aggressive, screamed and did not obey the crew’s recommendations. The pilot informed the control tower […]

How to get from Moscow to Greek resorts

Given the logistical difficulties of recent months, experts suggested how best to get to the resorts of Greece for the Russians. The publication spoke in detail about the recommendations of specialists GreekReporter, referring to TourDom, so that tourists can estimate the upcoming costs and the time required for the trip. From the Russian capital to […]

How much does it cost to relax in a European resort

The removal of covid restrictions did not help restore the flow of tourists from Russia – difficulties with air travel and bank cards interfere. Experts told what tours to European resorts cost Russians. Holidays in European countries are available for Russians without previously constraining entry restrictions due to the coronavirus. But other problems have replaced […]

Almost 200 flights canceled or delayed today at the airports of the Russian capital

According to available information, this morning more than 180 flights were delayed or canceled at three Moscow airports – Vnukovo, Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo. According to RIA News6 flights delayed and 43 canceled at Vnukovo, 9 flights delayed and 14 canceled at Domodedovo, 14 delayed and 100 canceled at Sheremetyevo. From Monday, February 28, that is, […]

Airlines around the world canceled thousands of flights on Christmas Eve

Airlines around the world canceled at least 2,401 flights yesterday, on Christmas Eve, which estimates is usually a busy day at airports. Almost 10,000 more flights have been postponed. According to the same source, 1,779 flights worldwide were canceled for Christmas, as well as 402 more scheduled for tomorrow, Sunday. Flights to / from […]

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