Survived: in Greece began to drain gasoline from parked cars

Record prices for liquid fuels make it especially profitable to steal gasoline and diesel fuel from car tanks, causing irreparable damage to vehicles.

Following the phenomenonhunting for catalysts“(rolling them off parked cars) is followed by the theft of gasoline. The reason is obvious and lies in the persistently high prices of black gold, which make the fuel we fill in cars easy and highly efficient mining.

“Production of gasoline” is a simple and not troublesome business, but a decent profit. Using a portable drill, robbers make a hole in the bottom of the tank, removing all of its contents. This practice has two benefits. Firstly, it does not take much time, and secondly, it does not catch the eye of passers-by, since the whole process takes place under the car.

The flip side of the whole affair, other than the theft itself, is the fact that the cost of replacing a damaged tank is many times greater than the amount of fuel removed.

Vehicles parked on roads with poor lighting and limited traffic are more at risk. Another element that can make your car vulnerable is parking in the same place for many days. Finally, the location of a car’s fuel tank, or whether it has a protective coating, is critical, as it can make things difficult for anyone trying to get their hands on its super-valuable contents.

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