Are you ready to get on the bike?

More than half of Greeks are thinking about reducing the use of their car. The reason for this is expensive gasoline. However, 68% of Greek drivers admit that today they still use it every day, although they are going to put it on hold for the next six months. At the same time, every fifth […]

Expert forecast: gasoline again at 1.5 euros

Analysts predict a free fall in oil prices in view of the expected significant slowdown in the economic growth of the world economy. Ominous are the forecasts of Citigroup analysts, who do not exclude the possibility of a new global economic recession before the end of 2023. According to financiers, the economy in some countries […]

Greek state television advertised a way to drain gasoline

Greek state television has been criticized for an “informative” story in which viewers were shown how to pump gasoline out of cars. The Guardian says that the journalist Kostas Stama clearly explained the essence of the method during the morning broadcast of Συνδέσεις ΕΡΤ: “It’s not very difficult… you don’t even need a special tube, […]

Gasoline coupons for the poor

On Thursday, March 17, the Prime Minister of Greece will address the nation with a video message, which, among other things, will highlight the issue of subsidies and assistance to citizens caught in the grip of inflation. In addition to information on subsidizing tariffs for electricity and gas, on the issuance of an emergency allowance […]

15 Ways to Save Gas

Good afternoon, dear fellow motorists and fellow pedestrians! Good afternoon to those for whom gasoline smells, and does not stink, who every day goes to the car with a slight excitement, as to a beloved woman. Yes, with such an increase in prices, gasoline will soon smell prestigious in our country, like Chanel No. 5 […]

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