The effectiveness of coronavirus vaccination is rapidly declining

Scientists warn of a rapid decline in the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccination after a few months.

For the Omicron strain, even faster, say researchers from Sciensano, the Belgian public health institute. About the study, which covered 1.43 million people, tells La Libre Belgique. It was held from July last year to April 2022. The scientists report:

“Protection against symptomatic infection with the Delta strain decreases from a baseline estimate of 81% to 56% 100-150 days after primary vaccination. After a booster dose with the same result, baseline protection is estimated at 84%. In symptomatic infection with the Omicron coronavirus variant, the protection received decreases from 37% to 18% 100-150 days after the base vaccination. Booster vaccination increases the initial protection to 52%, but after 100-150 days it decreases to 25%”.

The researchers note that immunity obtained from COVID-19 infection, combined with booster vaccination, provides 67% protection against symptomatic infection. But vaccination guarantees stronger protection against severe forms of coronavirus, which require hospitalization. The article claims:

“With the Delta variant, protection is estimated at 93% after a booster vaccination. And in 100-150 days it decreases to 87%. With Omicron after a booster vaccination,” protection from hospitalization “for 100-150 days decreases to 66%.”

Earlier, our publication reported that the third dose of the coronavirus vaccine to Greek teenagers will be given for “educational purposes.” Decision of the National Committee on vaccination is due to the fact that in foreign countries the first booster dose against coronavirus is a necessary condition for participation in educational programs. Therefore, the commission decided to introduce it to teenagers aged 12-17 before traveling to these countries.

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