Coronavirus mask: what will change from June 1

With the beginning of summer, on June 1, the obligation to wear a mask in all indoors and outdoors is abolished. The decision comes into force and will last until September 15, 2022.

The wearing of a mask is abolished on airplanes, as well as in intercity transport where there is a numbered seat, for example, on trains and intercity buses, which also applies to transport drivers.


The mask remains mandatory in hospitals and nursing units, as well as in other medical facilities where its presence is considered necessary at the moment, and talso for those using public transport such as city buses, metro, trolleybuses, trams and electric vehicles.

What will be applied in schools and universities

Schoolchildren will be able to go to school without masks after the decision of the special committee. After the abolition of the obligation to wear a mask both outdoors and indoors from June 1, experts have proposed the same for schools and universities.

The proposal of the experts has been accepted by the Ministry of Education, so schoolchildren, students and teachers will remove 1/6 masks, as their use remains only as a recommendation.

At the same time, vaccinated teachers must undergo a weekly rapid test.

Mandatory use for exams only

The only case when the use of a mask remains mandatory for pupils and students, this is during exams.

We remind you that final exams started on Monday, May 23, and will last until June 15.

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