February 21, 2024

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Greece to abolish indoor masks on June 1, with some exceptions

Health Minister Thanos Plevris said that the mandatory wearing of masks in public spaces will be lifted on June 1, and for this reason, the committee of epidemiologists advising the Greek government on measures to combat coronavirus will meet on Wednesday and issue its recommendations on the matter.

Speaking on Tuesday Skai TVPleuris said that in their recommendations, health experts will determine where the mask will remain mandatory, and listed: public transport, nursing homes, hospitals and supermarkets.

“In our country, the advantage is that during the summer months the number of indoor spaces is very limited,” the minister emphasized, adding that “the mask is a soft measure, we want to have fewer places where the mask will be used.”

To the question about what From Monday 16 May, face masks are no longer required for passengers flying to many destinations in the European Unionbut Greece is one of the countries maintaining the mask mode, Pleuris said: “We follow the policy together with other countries EU“. And noted that, “since the mask is a soft restriction, all EU countries should try to work out a common line.”

Over the past two weeks, daily confirmed cases of coronavirus are less than 7,000-8,000, deaths average less than 30 per day, while the number of intubated Covid patients is well below 200, at a level entirely managed by the public health system.

Pleuris said that despite the decline in Covid-19 cases, restrictions would likely have to be enter again in autumn (at the end of the tourist season).

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