EU: “impoverishment” due to expensive energy resources and a plan of action in the event of a suspension of gas supplies

Due to the sharp rise in food and energy prices, the least well-off citizens of Germany, as well as throughout Europe, are at risk of literally falling into poverty.

About this, referring to the opinions of competent experts, writes Spiegel. Jochen Brühl, head of the Association of Social Nutrition Centers, says:

“At the end of the month, many people simply don’t have the money to buy groceries. At least when it comes to healthy eating, fresh vegetables and fruits.”

This month, he said, the number of applicants for help at the Social Nutrition Center in Nuremberg has doubled, to 10,000 people. This indicator is also affected by the presence in the country refugees from Ukraine – their number reached 600 thousand.

In 10 days, on May 18, the European Commission plans to approve an action plan in case Russia abruptly stops deliveries of blue fuel to Europe, the Spanish newspaper writes. El Paisciting sources. And the proposed measures will affect absolutely all partners, Brussels warns if an emergency situation arises. For example, those countries that have other sources of supplies (like Spain) will have to share their gas with the states affected by the cessation of supplies from Russia.

In addition, energy rationing will be required, starting with the industrial sector. It needs to be applied in such a way that companies in a country with a full supply do not have a competitive advantage over companies in countries affected by Moscow.

In an attempt to avoid rationing, several member countries EU have already begun to take measures to contain consumption: from stimulating public transport to lowering the temperature in buildings, utilities, swimming pools. However, every minute the risk of an energy emergency increases.

Spiegel says Brussels intends to ensure that enough gas is supplied to protected consumers in all countries – households and essential social services, as well as to mitigate the economic and social consequences of a possible emergency. Priority will be given to the use of gas for electricity generation, and consumption will prevail over replenishment.

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