Gas: what subsidies will households and businesses receive in May

Support is provided for gas consumers in the implementation of new measures to overcome the energy crisis in Greece.

In addition to the fact that electricity bills were announced, Minister of the Environment and Energy Kostas Skrekas also mentioned natural gas.

According to him, for the population (i.e. according to tariff for the population) the state subsidy for natural gas will amount to 20 euros per thermal MWh in May and will cover the total monthly consumption. At the same time, ΔΕΠΑ Commerce continues to offer a discount for the same period of 20 euros per thermal MWh.

Concerning commercial and industrial tariffs, the minister said: “We continue to subsidize gas bills for the next two months to all commercial and industrial consumers regardless of size, turnover and number of employees. The subsidy will amount to 20 euros per MWh of thermal energy for the total monthly consumption.”

Total amount of state subsidies for domestic and professional gas consumers in May will reach 20 million euros. The finance department estimates that over the next two months, the cost of electricity and gas measures will cost the country’s budget 1 billion euros.

At the same time, the countdown (backdating) of the refund of the 60% increase in electricity bills began.

Finance staff announcements of new energy support measures have led to the news that 60% of the “extra surcharge” on electricity bills caused by the adjustment clause from December 2021 will be refunded to consumers in June. As explained during the presentation of the measures, the compensation will start from 18 euros and reach a ceiling of 600 euros, while it will be provided directly to the IBAN account declared by the consumer.

Deputy Finance Minister Theodoros Skylakakis specified that the refund will be based on the billing date, not the consumption period.

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