REPowerEU: plan to phase out Russian gas and oil presented by the European Commission

The European Commission has presented a plan to phase out Russian gas and oil called REPowerEU. Information and analytical company presents the details. Deutsche Welle found out when the EU will become independent from Russia, what measures the EC plan envisages, and how everyone can help in its implementation. Russia has been the largest source […]

EU: “impoverishment” due to expensive energy resources and a plan of action in the event of a suspension of gas supplies

Due to the sharp rise in food and energy prices, the least well-off citizens of Germany, as well as throughout Europe, are at risk of literally falling into poverty. About this, referring to the opinions of competent experts, writes Spiegel. Jochen Brühl, head of the Association of Social Nutrition Centers, says: “At the end of […]

The Times: Russia is ready to invade Moldova

The daily British newspaper The Times reports that Russia has developed a plan to invade Moldova and is preparing an attack in the near future. Edition writes that Vladimir Putin has already made the appropriate decision, as there are “a number of indicators” that indicate the possibility of an attack in the near future: “A […]

USA will only accept vaccinated foreigners

Against the background of the removal of some restrictions on coronavirus domestically, the US authorities want to allow entry only to foreigners vaccinated against COVID-19. Measures are currently being developed according to which incoming foreigners must have confirmation of full vaccination against coronavirus. At the same time, it is planned to simultaneously remove restrictions on […]

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