March 31, 2023

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Storm warning issued for the Ionian Sea and Crete

According to the Bulletin of the National Meteorological Service, strong gusts of up to 9 points on the Beaufort scale will hit the waters of the Ionian Sea, and on Good Friday the storm will also come to the Adriatic Sea.

According to the weather forecast, in the southern and southeastern parts of the Ionian Sea on Good Friday, storm winds of up to 8 points on the Beaufort scale are expected, and on Holy Saturday the winds will subside to 3-4 points.

Weather forecast for the coming days

Partly cloudy is expected on Good Friday, with patches of denser clouds and local rain in Epirus, the Ionian Sea, the west of the continent and possibly Macedonia and Thessaly, with limited visibility in places during the evening and early morning hours on the mainland.

Atmospheric circulation contributes to the transport of dust from North Africa with increased concentrations on the mainland and in the Ionian Sea, resulting in predicted precipitation in the form of mud rain.

The air temperature, according to the meteorological service of the National Observatory of Athens, will range from 7 to 24 degrees in northern Greece (in western Macedonia from 8 to 20 degrees), from 11 to 24 degrees in central and southern Greece, from 15 to 25 degrees in western Greece (in Epirus from 13 to 20 degrees and in the north-west of the Peloponnese up to 27 degrees), from 12 to 22 degrees in the Cyclades and Crete (in northern Crete up to 26 degrees), from 10 to 25 degrees in the eastern islands of the Aegean Sea and the Dodecanese.

Winds will blow in the Aegean Sea from the south, weak and gradually moderate, 4-5 points on the Beaufort scale. While in the Ionian Sea from the south-eastern directions from moderate to strong 7-9 points on the Beaufort scale, and in the middle and southern Ionian Sea in places up to 8 points on the Beaufort scale, with a gradual weakening.

By evening, scattered clouds are expected in Attica, gradually thickening, and high humidity. The air temperature will fluctuate from 12 to 24 degrees Celsius. The wind will mainly blow from the south, from light to almost moderate, with a force of 3-4 on the Beaufort scale.

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