Luxury cars for Russia are idle in the Belgian port

Luxurious expensive cars intended for Russian buyers flooded the port of Zeebrugge in Belgium due to sanctions.

Like the supply of other luxury goods, the way for luxury cars to Russia is blocked. The Russian invasion of Ukraine and the sanctions restrictions imposed in connection with it are to blame. euronews.

As a result, thousands of vehicles and a mass of luxury goods have accumulated in the ports of Belgium, which can neither be sold nor sent to their destination. Correspondent Pedro Sacadura reports from Belgium:

“Thousands of luxury cars lined up around me here at the port of Zeebrugge. EU sanctions slow down the export of cars that cost more than 50,000 euros.”

8,000 luxury cars gather dust in an open parking lot, and considerable funds are required to protect them. There are also cheaper brands on it, but they also cannot be sent to their destination – due to the ban on entering ports EU Russian courts. Mark Adriansens, director of the international terminal for new cars, says:

“These cars, coming from the Far East, are destined for Russia. But they are no longer exported there. Customs said they must stay here, they are blocked. We don’t know how long they’ll be in this parking lot. I assume that we will look for alternative markets. Other prohibited goods are in containers. Their unloading has also been suspended. I heard that 1100 containers are blocked for the same reasons. But as long as oil and gas, especially LNG, are not affected by restrictions, Zeebrugge works well. The oil and gas stream is one of the main streams flowing from Russia to Zeebrugge. If it is stopped, it will have a big impact on our port.”

Cessation of Russian oil exports could be part of the next package EU sanctions. But the idea of ​​a ban on gas purchases ran into great resistance, primarily from Germany and Hungary.

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