USA – Greece and Cyprus: you don’t need any gas pipeline. You will only buy gas from us

US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland placed a tombstone over the EastMed pipeline project, as well as other pipelines in the eastern Mediterranean.

Visiting Greece and Cyprus, Nuland made clear the US position that Europe should get away from gas dependence on Russian gas, and that the solution lies in liquefied natural gas – preferably, of course, from the United States. And the Greeks are not supposed to think about their own production and transportation.

“We don’t have to wait 10 years and spend billions of dollars on it. We need gas now. And we need to use gas today as a transition to a greener future. In ten years, we don’t need a pipeline. In ten years, we want to be green,” Nuland said in an exclusive interview with the Greek daily cathimerini. (Green in what sense? From the cold in the pimples? Approx. Editorial)

Emphasizing that “we need gas right now,” the Deputy Minister notes, “So we must use LNG, and we must use electricity that we can make faster,” and calls for the transportation of natural gas by tankers through LNG, as well as Turkey’s participation in cooperation with Greece, Israel, Egypt and Cyprus in a wider context.

“The whole area needs energy, and this part of the world can also be an energy engine for Northern Europe. And you see how quickly we must move away from dependence on Russia. Because they are unreliable suppliers and immoral partners,” the American diplomat added.

She also mentioned the importance of Alexandroupolis in northern Greece and the military bases used by the US Forces in Greece, both for security in the region and for the deployment of military forces to Eastern Europe and Ukraine.

“The fact that we have a completely different, richer and deeper defense relationship with Greece than we had just a few years ago has changed not only what we can do together, but also the ability of Greece to become a guarantor of security throughout the South Eastern Europe. Without this relationship, we would not have been able to get more support for the security of Ukraine literally within two days of Zelensky’s request,” she concluded.

PS The Greeks from such a statement seem to have fallen into shock. They perfectly see what is happening in the US with the so-called. “green energy” and do not understand why they need to give up their own natural gas. However, everything is really simple here: under the pretext of getting rid of “unreliable and immoral Russia,” the United States is not only forced to switch to LNG from the United States, but also does not leave any alternative to producing its own gas. Interestingly, did they offer the same to the Turks, or only to the Greeks? Or are there special conditions for the colonies? It will be interesting to see…

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