Who will be the first to receive 200 euros by Easter

The countdown to the payment of a lump sum payment of 200 euros to vulnerable groups of the Greek population by Easter has already begun. Estimated payment is expected during Holy Week.

However, low-income families and pensioners will be given money a little earlier, on April 14-15. According to information Dnewstowards the end of this week, e-EFKA will pay out an extraordinary Easter gift of 200 euros to 676,735 low-income pensioners.

The beneficiaries are pensioners with an annual individual taxable income in 2020 of up to 7,200 euros (600 euros per month), an annual taxable family income of up to 14,400 euros, and a total taxable value of home real estate that does not exceed 200,000 euros. The aid budget is estimated at 135 million euros.

The amount of assistance is indicated individually for a recipient who meets the criteria and amounts to 200 euros.

Emergency financial assistance will be paid to those who receive in March 2022:

a) a definitive or provisional basic pension, or an advance payment of a basic pension due to old age, disability or death;

b) pre-retirement allowance,

c) e-EFKA disability benefits;

d) pension payments in accordance with paragraph 3 of article 4 of law 4387/2016 (A ’85).

Who will receive 200 euros by Easter

The lump sum will be provided to the following categories of beneficiaries:

Child benefit recipients
An additional one and a half month fee will be provided in April. In particular, the amount of the allowance is 105, 63 or 42 euros for each child (1st and 2nd, respectively), depending on the size of the family income. Amounts of 210 euros, as well as 126 or 84 euros for the third and each subsequent child. Beneficiaries (επιδόματος ακρίβειας) are 625,000 people, including more than 1 million children, and the total budget allocated for this is estimated at 97.5 million euros.

Uninsured seniors

An allowance (επιδόματος ακρίβειας ) of 200 euros will be provided to 34,964 uninsured elderly people (a total of 7 million euros has been allocated for this).

Citizens with disabilities ΑμεΑ

The €200 benefit will be provided to 166,982 beneficiaries (total €33.4 million).

Double amount for KEA (EEE) recipients

For the 241,282 recipients of the minimum guaranteed income, the Easter allowance will be a double payment (if you received 200 euros a month, then by Easter you will receive 400 euros, that is, the amount of KEA and a bonus of 200 euros from the government). The payment budget is 50.9 million euros.

Help for taxi drivers

The amount of 200 euros will be given out in April to taxi owners to cover the costs incurred as a result of higher fuel prices.

As for the recipients of the child support, according to the information of the official Domna Mikhailidou, the amount will be issued (barring something extraordinary) on Maundy Tuesday.

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