December 1, 2023

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How much will the Easter table cost this year

Experts say that for Easter 2022, citizens will have to fork out even more compared to previous years.

It is estimated that for a family of four, the cost of a traditional table with lamb meat and colored eggs reaches 300 euros, and this despite the fact that you do not go to relatives in the village. Greek households want to celebrate Easter with dignity this year (since the past 2 years, due to the restrictive measures for Covid-19, almost everyone was at home).

However, now, as it were, everything is allowed, but the budget does not allow it to be done on a grand scale, as “in the old days.” Consumers will have to stick their hands deep in their pockets and set the holiday table with less food, as costs will be much higher than last year. Experts who know the market well talk about 15% increase in the cost of the Easter table this year. Cprices for almost all the attributes of a traditional feast (up to a lamb on a spit) jumped noticeably.

A household to buy lamb or goat meat will have to shell out between 13 and 16 euros per kilo. However, the manufacturer-supplier will sell mutton for 7.5 euros per kilogram, and goat meat for 8 euros. The difference between the manufacturer and the end user is huge. Thus, a family has to spend even 200 euros to buy a lamb weighing 15 kg. Of course, if a person cannot afford to bake a lamb on his own grill and will manage with a home oven, then the cost of a dish will be about 30 euros.

In addition to the price of meat, there is a huge increase in prices for the obligatory attributes of the Easter table, which by no means can be missing.

For example:

  • Bread (1 kg): €2.40 (from €1.90 in the past).
  • Eggs (6 pieces) 2.17 € (from 2.10 €).
  • Chureki (per kilogram): 13 € (from 11 €).
  • Salad (pack of chopped greens): 1.10 euros (from 0.50 euros).
  • Tomatoes (1 kg): 3 € (from 1.50 €).
  • Potatoes (1 kg): 1.50 euros (from 0.90 euros).
  • Soft drinks (1.5 liters): €1.20 (from €1.10).

colored eggs

For example, a family of 4 people will need more than 6 eggs, because they are used in salads, etc. (and not just needed to simply observe the custom of putting krashenka on the table). That is, the cost of the table may increase compared to last year. Based on all of the above, and given the cost of a skewer (grilled lamb) this year, the Easter table for a Greek household will be barely affordable. At the same time, it is possible that at the very last moment before Easter, the prices for products for the traditional holiday table will increase even more.

To date, the cost of the Easter table is estimated at more than 280-290 euros for a family of four.

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