Greek police create animal welfare department

A presidential decree was issued, presented by the Minister of Citizens’ Protection Panagiotis Theodorikakos, on the establishment of an animal welfare department in the police. The goal is to reduce the incidence of animal cruelty.

The document aims to reduce the sad cases of cruelty and killing of animals observed in Greece. The presidential decree also contains provisions that provide for the organization and operation of the Service of trainers and maintenance of police dogs, the publication reports.

The duties of the Department of Animal Welfare are as follows:

  1. Monitoring cases of neglect, active and passive cruelty and killing of animals.
  2. Direction, supervision and coordination of the regional services of the Greek Police, on the one hand for the effective and efficient management of the aforementioned cases, and on the other for the correct application of the legal framework in force.
  3. Preparation of legislative acts and related administrative acts, planning of preventive measures, development of special business plans in order to prevent violations.
  4. Preparation and processing of standardized reports related to crimes against animals, for their proper processing and determination of a uniform way of recording the main elements of incidents by the competent services.
  5. Collection, regular maintenance, further processing and use of statistical data on each case of cruelty to animals, as well as registration of cases of criminal events of particular importance.
  6. Implementation of preventive and preventive measures, as well as scientific and technical methods applied both at European and international level, with possible application in management policy.
  7. Proposal, development and implementation of electronic programs (online) or continuous training of personnel dealing with advanced cases through seminars, workshops, etc., in cooperation with the Department of Education and Human Resource Development, both at the central and regional levels.
  8. Development of actions and initiatives to inform and raise awareness of citizens on ways to combat these offensesin terms of animal welfare, as well as strengthening cooperation with the Greek police services and establishing strong two-way communication, including with other competent authorities dealing with animal welfare.
  9. Cooperation with all competent authorities and services, as well as with other state and non-governmental bodies, in order to jointly, if necessary, plan actions, exchange know-how and implement best practices,
  10. Participation of representatives of the Greek police at national, European and international level events on animal protection issues.

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