Crete: the mafia lent money to live happily ever after

According to preliminary information, a 46-year-old resident of Heraklion and two Albanians created a criminal organization for “crediting”. The amount of interest for a 5,000th loan could be 2,000 euros. Two other detainees, 45-year-old and 24-year-old residents of Heraklion, involved in the case, ran a cafeteria in the eastern suburbs, allegedly engaged in large-scale money […]

Police operation to eliminate the criminal network "traffickers"15 arrests

The Athens police department is conducting a major operation in various parts of Attica to eliminate the criminal network, whose members were engaged in the transportation of illegal immigrants and the trade in forged documents. According to ΕΛΑΣ15 people have been arrested so far. A detailed report is expected after the completion of the police […]

More female police officers in Greece

Increasing the number of female police officers who are actively involved in the work of the Greek police ΕΛ.ΑΣis significant compared to previous years. A typical example is the Glyfada Police Department, where, since 2019, a young but experienced woman has been in charge. Moreover, as he writes, currently about 1/3 of the department […]

Volos: drugs were hidden in a landfill, a large-scale police operation in a gypsy settlement

Large quantities of heroin and cannabis were hidden in a dump near the Roma camp in Volos, and six people were arrested by the police. Drug traffickers from Neapolis (Volos) were transporting them in large quantities, police from the Volos Narcotics Division found out after a thorough investigation. After receiving the information and several days […]

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