Greek Ghost Village: Where Water Still Flows

In Greece, there are several villages that have been abandoned by the inhabitants, and now they are empty. They are used to being called ghost villages, and for good reason.

One of these is the ghost village in Amfilochia, which still has something that still reminds of life. This is running water running from a faucet in the abandoned village of Palio Loutro.

The village is located on the east coast of Amvrakikos. Palio Loutro is one of the largest villages in the municipality of Amfilochia. However, many do not know that the old settlement, the ghost village, is very close. On its territory today you can see the ruins of stone houses, which are almost “drowned” in the greenery of old plane trees. Here, without exaggeration, you can shoot a real thriller without additional scenery.

So why was she abandoned? The story goes that the inhabitants left the village because of the climate, deciding to move closer to the sea. What remains today are abandoned houses and buildings against the backdrop of a green landscape.

A reminder that once there was life here is a spring used by the villagers. From it still runs a trickle of clean water suitable for drinking. Nearby is the old church of Agios Nikolaos.

Visiting this place, you will be impressed, guaranteed.

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