Kasta Mound in Amphipolis to be opened to the public

Minister of Culture Lina Mendoni said that at the end of this year, the sights of Amphipolis will be open to the public.

As the minister emphasized, the first visits will be of a pilot nature, when the cultural monument will be completely handed over to the public, since this is a very small room. During her tour of the tomb, along with Central Macedonian Governor Apostolos Tsitsikostas, the Minister of Culture noted that due to the size and location of the monument, it would be able to accommodate groups of five to six visitors at a time.

Speaking about the work that has been implemented and completed to date, she stressed that “quality work has been done, which is mostly invisible, as it concerned the very viability of the monument, which was the main task,” the publication reports. parallaximag.gr.

The next stage, which will begin in the summer, provides for repair and restoration work inside the burial site, while the restoration of the territory and the construction of the museum will gradually begin. This phase will be completed during 2023. Currently, all work is proceeding at a satisfactory pace and in accordance with the established schedules.

Responding to a topical question, Ms. Mendoni stressed that the ongoing research of the mound has revealed a number of new facts about the construction of the monument in terms of its architecture and the materials used. Asked if the lion of Amphipolis would be placed on top of the tomb once the work was completed, Ms. Mendoni explained that “According to the research of Mr. Lefatsis, it seems that the lion was indeed above the mound (and not in it). But whether it will be moved to its rightful place, or an exact copy will be made and placed there, scientists will decide.” Also in her statements, the minister stressed that in May, courts will begin on the alienation of land around the monument-burial, so that all work on the complete restoration and illumination of the territory can be completed.

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