May 22, 2024

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Schools in Germany: convert to Islam so as not to be an outsider

“Christian children want to convert to Islam so they won’t be outsiders at school.” The number of Muslim students in German schools is increasing, reports BILD.

According to a survey by the Criminological Research Institute of Lower Saxony (KFN), the majority of Muslim students (67.8%) believe that the rules of the Koran are more important than the laws of Germany. Moreover, almost half (45.8%) of respondents believe that Islamic theocracy is the best form of government.

The situation in German schools is often even more dramatic. “More and more parents of German children are turning to counseling centers because their children want to convert to Islam so as not to be outsiders at school,” a German state security official told BILD on condition of anonymity.

The fact is that in recent years in Germany the number of Muslim children has increased sharply. In some cases – especially in large cities – children from Christian families find themselves in the minority in classrooms. “Due to high levels of immigration over the past eight years, the proportion of Muslim teenagers and children in schools has increased significantly. In addition, many children come from strictly religious families: these are often migrants from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq,” says a BILD interlocutor.

According to a state security official, Muslim boys in some schools put pressure on girls who behave too “Westernly” – not wearing a headscarf or starting to date their peers. At the same time, teachers are so overloaded that they do not have time to respond to such situations.

“In most cases, Muslim students are quite aggressive and sometimes cruel. They create real parallel societies on school playgrounds. And if a large number of refugee children come to schools again this summer, the situation will become even more unstable,” sums up the BILD interlocutor.

In some large cities in Germany – such as Berlin, Frankfurt or Essen – there are schools where the proportion of Muslim students exceeds 80%.

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