The European Union called Russian culture "propaganda tool"

The Ministers of Culture, Audiovisual and Media of the European Union emphasized that “relations EU with the cultural organizations of Russia must be broken, since art is used as a weapon of propaganda.

The Ministers of Culture, Audiovisual and Media of the European Union yesterday signed Declaration of solidarity with Ukraine at the ministerial meeting in Angers (France).

The declaration does not stop there, further emphasizing that at the same time it is necessary to break off relations between the European Union and Russian cultural institutions, since “art is used as a propaganda tool. Russian-controlled media in European countries should also be closed.”

This was also demanded by the Minister of Culture of Ukraine Oleksandr Tkachenko, speaking from Kyiv. He showed footage of the devastation in war-torn Ukraine and said that cultural heritage was in danger and demanded that the EU government cut off Russia “which is carrying out propaganda with its state organs and media under its control in European countries.” He stressed that it should encourage foreign platforms to show Russians exactly whatwhat is happening in Ukraine because they cut off from reality.

“Art is a weapon for Russia, the destruction of which has been demanded by international organizations such as UNESCO and ICOMOS,” the Greek Ministry of Culture said in a statement, as she was represented at the event by the Minister of Culture and Sports, Lina Mendoni, and the Secretary General for Communications and Information Dimitris Galamatis.

Until today, we have recognized in art the freedom of expression and through it the ability to create common ideas, universal emotions, elevate the spirit, cross borders, while ignoring the desires and prohibitions of the authorities, build bridges of peace and communication between peoples, even those whose leaders wage wars on economic and geopolitical reasons.

Now, however, European culture ministers, including Greek Lina Mendoni, say Russian art is being used for propaganda purposes. Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky and Dostoevsky, Kandinsky, Stanislavsky, Tarkovsky and Sokurov, music, literature, painting, poetry, theater, cinema are declared enemies of European culture, since Putin is behind all this, according to European officials.

According to the statement of the Ministry of Culture, in their declaration, the European ministers stressed: “We will support Ukrainian artists, journalists and cultural figures, the media.”

The signatories of the declaration expressed their support to all media and journalists “independently and impartially” covering the ongoing military offensive against Ukraine, emphasizing the need to ensure their physical integrity. They condemned the ongoing campaigns of information manipulation and disinformation,” etc.

PS I wonder if those who debunk lies and fakes in the official media will also be included in this circle of support? Or is it different?

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