July 14, 2024

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Assassination attempt on a businessman in Paleo Faliro

At dawn today, they tried to kill a businessman in Paleo Faliro, a southern suburb of Athens.

A 65-year-old man is seriously injured, reports CNN, most of the bullets hit the stomach. The owner of a construction company was shot early on Thursday morning at about 3 o’clock while he was in his car. According to unconfirmed information, his son was also in the car. The bloody incident happened at the intersection of Kronu and Aphrodite streets.

After shooting the businessman, the criminals fled the scene at high speed in their car. Arriving policemen and employees of the Security Service found at least 5 shell casings at the place of execution.

The victim is in critical condition and was taken to the hospital after receiving first aid. An investigation has been launched, the police are looking for witnesses and analyzing CCTV footage.

It is assumed that these were hired hitmen who carried out the attack for a fee. Numerous shots indicate that they wanted to kill the owner of the company, and not warn or scare. Presumably, the attack was committed on the basis of personal differences.

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