June 25, 2024

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When choosing a nanny or au pair, be careful

In the metropolitan area of ​​Kifisia, a housekeeper photographed naked children and sent the photos to Internet users.

In her defense, the housekeeper said she did it “for fun”. However, now reports newsbeast.gr, she is arrested and charged with child pornography. The incident was reported by Christos Balaska, who wrote on Facebook:

“06.03.2022. Afternoon patrol for B 4-2 B change of immediate response team. At 13:30, a signal was received about an illegal photo session in the Kifissia region.

The policemen, who were waiting for the caller, immediately rushed to the place of the call. He said that in the mobile phone of a foreign woman he hired as a housekeeper and to take care of three minor children, he found nude photos of his children. A 28-year-old foreign woman from Nepal said she photographed minors for fun. However, in doing so, she sent out the photos to various Internet users, as two experienced police officers discovered.

The attacker was taken to the local police station. A case of child pornography and personal data leakage has been initiated against a lover of photographing. As you can see, the range of actions of immediate response groups is huge. They are ubiquitous. Well done to the crew for showing the necessary attention to such a delicate issue!!”

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