Report of OPEN journalists from Kyiv

film crew OPEN had a hard time in the Ukrainian capital: “Everything was a little difficult, but we managed.”

OPEN journalist Christos Nikolaides and cameraman Dimitris Alexakis cover the Russian invasion of Ukraine from Kyiv. The film crew experienced difficult moments when they were stopped by military patrolmen – one of them pointed a weapon at the cameraman. Christos Nikolaides says:

“We were approached by the militia and one of them, who was very upset, pointed a gun at Dimitris. Dimitris remained calm. I tried to show my journalistic ID, our translator Nikos started yelling at them and explaining…”

Dimitris Alexakis said that he had to lie down on the ground to calm the militia who was aiming at him: “It was a little difficult, but we managed it.”

Earlier we wrote that yesterday in Kyiv was killed participant in negotiations between Russia and Ukraine. At first, the media wrote that the SBU was to blame for his death, and in the evening the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine announced the death of its employee Denis Kireev while performing a special task.

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