First of all – stay human

The editors of “Russian Athens”, from the first day publishing the most objective information about the war in Ukraine, came under powerful attacks from both sides of the conflict.

Trying to give balanced and truthful information about the events, we try to use the sources available to us: from Russia and Ukraine, official from the Greek authorities.

Unfortunately, the first thing that suffers in any war is objective information. Each of the parties uses any pretexts to slander and defame the enemy. All official information about victories should always be divided by 10, and about losses – vice versa.

Captured enemies most often turn out to be either actors (often amateur) or they were forced to tell lies in exchange for life, freedom, or material benefits. This is a classic of military propaganda, tried and tested during World War II.

I understand that “war is a way of deceit”, but let’s try to be objective and take propaganda soberly, not to stoop to animal instincts. After all, the war, sooner or later, will end, and then we have to live with it.

Everyone who writes to me about 8 years of war in Donbas: I have always called for peace, always! He did everything that was in the power of one particular little person in this big world. I called for the fulfillment of Minsk, because I understood that sooner or later there would be some kind of reaction. That she would be just like that, no one suspected. More precisely, there was a hope that it would not be so radical. Minsk is no more. All of Ukraine has been living in a new reality for the fourth day. In the reality of hostilities.

Then everything, in any case, will end with some kind of agreements. This always ends. The only question is under what conditions. Russia calls its own: demilitarization, denazification, moreover, complete. Let’s not prevaricate, we all understand what this means – capitulation.

Can this be avoided? I do not know. Pride will not allow many, then people will die. Someone for their beliefs, for their truth, someone for another reason, and someone will become an accidental victim of a downed plane that fell on a house, or a rocket that was fired at this plane.

Peace to all of us. To be a man, not to scatter – that’s all we can now.

In any situation, please remain human!

Help your neighbor, especially lonely people, call relatives and friends, ask how they are doing and help in any way you can, even from afar. These are human actions.

Panic and curses against anyone, no matter who, will not help.

Today on the site “Russian Athens” I ordered to close comments, because people pour out all their anxiety into anger or ridicule, or even into anger and insults, and this only increases the general tension and creates an atmosphere of hatred.

This whole nightmare will eventually end. And the people who transformed into animals will remain them. Stay human.

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