Twitter is on the warpath with disinformation about Ukraine

Twitter, in its fight against disinformation, will prioritize tagging misleading tweets from high profile accounts. The company announced yesterday that it will place warning labels on any inaccurate content about the war in Ukraine and will limit the dissemination of claims that are refuted by humanitarian organizations or other credible sources. Measures to step up […]

Greek publishing associations launch awareness campaign against fake news

The publishers’ information campaign is aimed at combating fakes and false information. It runs under the motto “Fake news is unfair news that harms your knowledge. Trust only reliable sources.” The implementation of the nationwide information campaign continues. Its goal is to strengthen credible journalism, among the participants: Ε.Ι.Η.Ε.Α. (Ένωση Ιδιοκτητών Ημερήσιων Εφημερίδων Αθηνών) – […]

Euronews strongly denies allegations of fake news

In response to the blocking of Euronews, rejecting the accusations against him, he calls for compliance with article 19 of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights on freedom of the media. Roskomnadzor, Russia’s Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media, has taken off the air and blocked the websites of […]

Fakes and lies around the war in Ukraine. Part 6

For several days, while we did not publish news about fakes, their number increased many times over. At the same time, some European publications that have previously dealt with this topic have clearly received an ambiguous instruction to “talk less”. We continue our column “Fake news about the war in Ukraine”. Start see part Part […]