SaveAGreekStray sues Sparta municipality for appalling conditions at dog shelter

Animal welfare organization SaveAGreekStray (Save the Greek Tramps) has filed a lawsuit against two dog shelters run by the Municipality of Sparta for the appalling conditions of about 400 animals.

The lawsuit was filed “against any person responsible for animal cruelty at both of the municipality’s shelters.” The NGO also called on the prosecutor to issue appropriate orders to remove sick and dying animals from shelters. One of them is in Agia Kyriaki and the other in Xirokampi.

The video, filmed by SaveAGreekStray volunteers, shows the tragic and horrifying conditions in the kennels, with dead dogs in the process of decay and still on chains. About 200 animals live on tons of feces, others are chained to areas filled with sewage. Everywhere emaciated animals that are clearly sick.

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NGO volunteers visited the nurseries on Monday 21 February, the second time after a long list of complaints.

They wrote on the webSave a Greek Stray website about the gruesome photographs they took in the kennels and warned that they had photographed all the animals and “the absence of any of them will be included in the case file”.

“Today, on Monday, February 21, we have gathered here for the second time to confirm the incorrigible and criminal indifference of the competent municipal authority, which does not seem to comply with directives, laws, or European treaties. And invite people to visit this hell that contributes slow and painful slaughter of animals that had the misfortune to be born on the streets of Sparta. So let’s take turns to convey “congratulations” to those responsible, because in Sparta we did not see stray dogs! We found them all in the camp of death and shame, torn, piled up, dirty , ossified, crippled, sick, half-dead and dead at the end of their chain.The animals look for a clean patch of ground to lie down, catching the eye of a visitor they look at through the barbed wire.They end up being bitten by the rest, who, instead of eating, eat their feces , sick animals begging for their death, and animals that God had mercy on and delivered them from torment. We got sick. From the voices, cr icing, the sound of a creeping chain, the smell of ammonia, mold, rot. In this hell, there are only a few eerie moments of absolute silence and two baroque sofas. We are sick of all those who know and do not speak. Those “responsible” who know and don’t care, that state that knows how to impose the law on individuals and indifferently whistle at home, patiently placing countless complaints in the archives of all institutions involved, animal lovers and not only. The NGO has reportedly removed 36 dogs from the shelter so far.

According to a report by state broadcaster ERT on Tuesday, two workers at the shelter have been arrested. The mayor of Sparta said that the municipality allocates 240,000 euros per year for two nurseries. Another “local responsible” said they were not responsible, but would endeavor to do what was necessary.

Later on Tuesday, one deputy mayor — most likely the one in charge of homeless animals — was arrested as part of a police investigation following a lawsuit.

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