May 22, 2024

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No, this is not Photoshop or special processing of the photo: this is exactly how Athens looked in orange and sand tones at about 6 o’clock in the evening.


Due to the high concentration of dust in most parts of Greece, an apocalyptic picture reigns in the sky: the blue of the Greek sky has been replaced by sand and orange colors, just like in the cartoon “Orange Sky”

Meteorologists talk about dust from the Sahara, but nothing can explain what is happening, which goes far beyond the usual weather phenomena associated with the transport of African dust.


The amazing thing is that all this is observed only in Greece, and not in neighboring countries such as Turkey and Italy.

Thick yellow dust is settling across almost the entire country, and it would be nice if those in charge told us about the components of this dust, which is currently being inhaled by millions of Greeks.


Already thousands of citizens have encountered respiratory, eye and skin problems caused by this phenomenon.

It is typical that air conditioning filters in homes and cars are clogged with dust, and the question is what people are inhaling at a time when even filters are not able to cope with cleaning the air circulating in the premises.

A particularly unbearable situation has developed in Attica, while the meteorological service gives no chance of rain, as has been the case in all similar cases so far.

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