February 3, 2023

Athens News

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Patras: shoppers armed with a knife stole clothes from the store

Law enforcement reacted very quickly, arriving at one of the stores in Patras, where they were called because the officers caught two “customers” who had stolen women’s clothing. And no one suspected that the theft would turn into … a robbery!

This happened because during a search of two Greek women, a folding penknife was found in one of them, which she most likely used to cut off the “identification” tags from things. A pocket knife was seized, two women were arrested and taken to the police station, where they were charged with attempted theft and illegal possession of weapons, the newspaper writes. protothema.gr. The case was transferred to the prosecutor’s office in Patras.

In the second case, a foreigner who went into a supermarket in the Chalkis area ostensibly to shop, tried to hide three bottles of alcoholic beverages under a sweater in order to leave without paying. However, he was spotted by the manager, who alerted the police. The thief is arrested and taken to the police department, where he is charged with attempted theft.

In the third case, a 37-year-old Greek posing as a customer entered a store in Tripoli on Friday evening. At a moment when the owner was not looking at him, he grabbed the money from the cash register and disappeared. However, a few minutes later the robber was already detained by the emergency response team, who found the stolen money on him. The amount was returned to the shop owner, and the 37-year-old offender was taken to the police station.

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