March 31, 2023

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Elderly man left the door of his house open and his wallet was stolen

The offender, seeing the unlocked door, took the opportunity to commit the theft. He entered the premises and stole an 88-year-old man’s wallet with bank cards, after which he went to an ATM and withdrew cash.

An 88-year-old man made a fatal mistake when he entered his house in the Derveni district (Corinthia), because he immediately went into the living room, forgetting to close the door behind him. The unknown person, who discovered the oversight, made his way into the house and grabbed the wallet that the old man had left on the table at the entrance.

The offender did not find any money in the wallet. However, it contained the elderly man’s ID, driver’s license and two debit cards belonging to him and his wife. So he seized the opportunity and went to an ATM located in the Corinth shopping center, withdrawing 300 euros from the old man’s account and 200 euros from his wife’s account!

The elderly man later found out about the incident and filed a complaint with the Xylokastro police station, which is conducting a preliminary investigation.

Offered help and stole jewelry…

A Greek who positioned himself as a “Good Samaritan” on Friday afternoon in Amaliada saw a man unloading heavy objects from his car and offered to help him.

As it turned out later, the “assistant” stole three boxes of jewelry from the car! The victim filed a complaint with the Elis Police Department and after an investigation by the police, the perpetrator was identified.

The perpetrator is wanted. A case of theft was initiated against him, which was transferred to the prosecutor of Amaliada, the website writes.

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