Bad weather in Attica: rain, storms and hail

It is expected that a wave of bad weather, which will bring rain, storms and hail, will come to Greece from today.

According to the weather forecast from the National Observatory of Athens/, the weather will change from noon on Wednesday 16/02, starting from Western Greece, where there will be heavy rain and thunderstorms. Natural phenomena will be locally intense, and in some cases may be accompanied by squally winds and hail. On the night of Wednesday to Thursday, the atmospheric front will move further to the east, and intensive manifestations of bad weather are expected in the Peloponnese. On Thursday 17.02 rains and thunderstorms will take place mainly in the east and north of the country, as well as in the Aegean Sea region, with the strongest manifestation of bad weather expected in Crete.


Special Weather Forecast for Attica Prefecture and Athens City: Late Wednesday night in patches of rain, high intensity storms expected overnight and until noon Thursday (locally). The predicted level of precipitation is classified as category 2 according to the regional index (Δείκτη Επικινδυνότητας Επεισοδίου Βροχόπτωσης, Regional Precipitation Index – RPI).

The map below shows the approximate geographic distribution of total rainfall through the evening of Thursday 17 February. Areas where the most important events are expected are shown in more intense color.

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