Weather: express storm in the middle "spring"

According to the well-known weather forecaster Sakis Arnautoglu, the weather will be good until Monday, February 21, but from Tuesday, bad weather will be observed in most parts of the country.

This is due to the atmospheric front, which will rush through the territory of our country, bringing rain and snowfall. But fortunately, this will not last long, only a few hours (about a day).

The concept of an atmospheric front is commonly understood as a transition zone in which adjacent air masses with different characteristics meet. Fronts are formed when warm and cold air masses collide. They can stretch for tens of kilometers. Collision areas are called frontal or transitional. These zones instantly appear and also quickly collapse – it all depends on the temperature of the colliding masses. The resulting wind can reach speeds of 200 km/k at a height of 10 km from the earth’s surface.

According to Sakis Arnautoglu, the weather is expected to worsen until noon Tuesday with rain and snowfalls, dense in places, possibly even in the lowlands, at an altitude of up to 600-700 meters (in western Macedonia).

The southern/south-eastern part of the country does not seem to be affected by bad weather. By Tuesday afternoon, the weather in northern Greece will improve, and rain and cold will cover the eastern part of the country by evening.

On Wednesday there will be an improvement, starting from the west, and by noon any manifestations of bad weather will stop.

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