20% of parents are afraid to let their children go to school

As the government continues to brag about itself, and the education and health ministries celebrate by saying it was safe to reopen schools, parents are concerned about the rise in child cases. According to complaints from the Hellenic Teachers’ Federation, 20% of parents no longer send their children to primary school due to fear of […]

Expert: 80,000 schoolchildren with covid. How much will the number of cases drop next week

“Currently, 75,000-80,000 children with active cases of COVID19 have been identified in schools,” said Nikos Tsanakis, professor of pulmonology, speaking on SKAI. The expert urges parents to conscientiously follow public health protocol and report true test results. According to the professor, “we will see the real situation with covid in the coming days.” The expert […]

More than 15,500 cases of covid detected during self-tests of schoolchildren

Thousands of “affirmative” responses to the COVID test were identified in self tests in connection with school openings. By Sunday, self-tests were received by 90% of the beneficiaries – students and teachers, and this morning, at 7:00, self-tests were distributed to school units. The first morning information reported 14,000 cases of coronavirus in school screenings. […]

Students return to class from winter break with express test

The horrific Omicron outbreak is likely to lead to changes in health measures that will be adopted in schools after the return of students from Christmas break. The new wave of coronavirus has spread on a large scale almost throughout the country, and the key question for competent specialists and the Ministry of Education is […]

Expert: school closures are not even discussed

Rumors of school closures due to the coronavirus outbreak were again denied by Education Minister Niki Kerameos, thanking the teachers for their help in complying with the sanitary protocol and measures to combat COVID-19. “There is no talk of closing schools where protocols are followed. Of course, the more cases there will be in the […]

Anti-Taxer father banned children from going to school because he is against the mask and self-test

The intervention of the Serres prosecutor’s office was provoked by the actions of the head of a large family in Alistrati, who refuses to send his children to school due to measures to combat the coronavirus. According to the ERT Serres channel, the prosecutor ordered the social authorities to establish the conditions in which children […]

Ministry of Education: "truancy" will not put students on the day of vaccination

Students who have received the coronavirus vaccine, both the first and second doses, may not attend school, and their absence will not be considered absenteeism. According to the circular of the Ministry of Education, absences of schoolchildren on these days will be registered, but will not be “reflected” in the characteristics of school attendance. However, […]

Shock: about 1,500 cases of covid in 800,000 self-test students

On Monday morning, September 13, students returned to their desks with self-tests, masks, and distance. Government spokesman Yannis Oikonomou spoke about the self-tests carried out and how many of them were positive. Yannis Oikonomu, speaking on ANT1 TV channel, noted that 800,000 self tests were performed, and approximately 1,500 children tested positive for coronavirus. The […]

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