Hackers attacked three hospitals in Attica

On the night of Monday 17 to Tuesday January 18, hackers attacked three major hospitals: Attikon, Sotiria and Asklepion in Voula.

The fact that the system was hacked was confirmed by the head of the 1st Attica Health District (1ης ΥΠΕ) and ΝΙΜΤΣ (army medical service), Panagiotis Stathis, according to iefimerida. These are the three largest hospitals in Attica, on whose shoulders the burden of the pandemic has fallen.

“Hackers have blocked hospital accounts, and the first task was to protect the firewall, that is, to create a security wall from intruders. The server for Sotiria and Asklipieu hospitals is located in the control room of the 1st ΥΠΕ, I have no idea what is happening in NIMTS, as this is under the responsibility of the Ministry of Defense,” said Mr. Statis

The attack effectively destroyed the administrative services of the hospitals. “The necessary work is being done manually these days,” says Panagiotis Statis, specifying that there is no information about cybercriminals yet.

“The National Cybersecurity Authority has already been approached, as this is a matter of the country’s security,” he emphasizes. At the same time, the company managing the server is trying to create a backup to protect the files. The server in the control room of the 1st ΥΠΕ has been operating since 2003, serving the clinics of Sotiria and Asklepion.

* 417 ΝΙΜΤΣ (Νοσηλευτικό Ίδρυμα Μετοχικού Ταμείου Στρατού ) 417 Military Hospital, commonly known by the abbreviation NIMTS, is a public general hospital that serves the army and is controlled by the Ministry of Defense.


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