Hacker attack on parliament

On Thursday afternoon, January 20 of this year, hackers tried to access Parliament’s email accounts from an external IP address. The Department of Information Technology reportedly discovered that an attempt was being made to hack into the email accounts of employees of the Greek Parliament. The operation of the users’ web mail was immediately stopped […]

Ransomware hackers stole data from more than 0.5 million hospital patients "Red Cross"

The first known result unprecedented hacker attack on Athens hospitals was the hacking and theft of personal data of more than 515 thousand patients of the Red Cross Hospital (ICRC) in Athens. Greek edition cathimerini reported that unknown perpetrators managed to break into the server of an IT company in Switzerland, with which the organization […]

Hackers attacked three hospitals in Attica

On the night of Monday 17 to Tuesday January 18, hackers attacked three major hospitals: Attikon, Sotiria and Asklepion in Voula. The fact that the system was hacked was confirmed by the head of the 1st Attica Health District (1ης ΥΠΕ) and ΝΙΜΤΣ (army medical service), Panagiotis Stathis, according to iefimerida. These are the three […]

How the Dark Side crashed the American fuel market, and what role Russia played in it

Darknet hackers have become the culprit behind a high-profile cyber scandal, shutting down the largest US pipeline with ransomware. A couple of days later, the authorities commented that the criminals could conduct their activities from Russia. True, the accusations have not yet been official, and US President Joe Biden announced a neutral position, unobtrusively hinting […]

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