Greek epidemiologists are considering 5 more restrictions if the number of infected continues to rise

Despite the prevailing Omicron strain in Greece and the number of daily infections rose sharply, the number of patients in hospitals is almost constant.

Nonetheless, epidemiologists advising the government are reportedly considering a package of new restrictions in an attempt to contain the spread of the strain.

Additional measures introduced from December 30failed to stop the spread of omicron, so experts are discussing an additional package of restrictions with five measures, although many scientists believe that the Omicron variant is not dangerous and rarely causes serious complications.

New restrictions are being considered, according to the health website

Set a new limit on the number of people in theaters, cinemas and other enclosed spaces, where only vaccinated people are allowed to enter, and the occupancy rate is currently 100%. Prohibit entry to open dining areas for unvaccinated people. That is, they will not be able to visit open-air restaurants even if the express test result is negative. Increase the number of mandatory Covid tests for unvaccinated workers to 3, currently 2 per week. Compulsory vaccination should be extended to those over 50 and perhaps even to those over 40, as this age group is very active in industrial and social life. Further restrictions on restaurants and bars until 10 pm, currently open until midnight.

Epidemiologists are expected to make an appropriate decision on the new restrictions in the coming days. Healthreport

The Greek government has repeatedly ruled out general isolation, although over the past 7 days number of daily infections breaks one record after another.

PS According to EODY statistics, 55% of those infected with the Omicron strain are people under the age of 40, who carry the disease without any complications and must return to work after 5 days. At the same time, those who have been ill receive immunity, which, albeit for a short time (according to various estimates, up to 2-3 months), but protects against more severe strains of the Delta type.

So maybe these measures are superfluous? Moreover, the economy is in a deplorable state, and the standard of living of the population has dropped sharply.

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