Expert: those who have been ill with the Omicron strain are immune to Delta

Dimitris Paraskevis, Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine at EKPA and Member of the Expert Committee, spoke to ERT about the differences between the Delta and Omicron mutations. The expert noted that those infected with the Omicron strain will not get the Delta variant because they have developed antibodies. He added that more patients […]

WHO warns: deadly Omicron cannot be called lung

The World Health Organization says Omicron is putting pressure on healthcare facilities around the world. It is wrong to call it “soft” as it kills people. Recent research as reported Air forceshow that the Omicron strain is less likely to cause severe disease than previous variants of the coronavirus. However, health systems are suffering from […]

The Omicron strain is conquering country after country. But there is good news too

More and more countries are reporting a record daily incidence since the beginning of the pandemic: Italy – 127 thousand, Spain – 162 thousand, Great Britain – 189 thousand, France – 208 thousand, USA – half a million. All this, fortunately, is still accompanied by a relatively low mortality rate, which statistically can be associated […]

Omicron, self test: with a swab taken from the nose, the response "negative", and from the throat – "positive"

The experts point out that it is very likely that someone will do a nasal test and it will come out negative. And then, having passed a swab from the larynx, he will receive a positive answer. What is the reason for this? While the Omicron variant is now prevalent around the world, more and […]

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