OAED: increase in unemployment benefits from 2022

The amount of the benefit provided by the OAED is increasing from 1 January 2022, following a 2% increase in the minimum wage for private sector workers.

With a minimum wage of € 663, the range of OAED benefits will increase from January 2022. The unemployment benefit will reach 407 euros from 399.25 euros today. Its size is set at 55% of the wages of an unskilled worker, regardless of whether the unemployed was paid a monthly wage or daily payments. However, the special long-term unemployment benefit of € 200 does not increase as it is a fixed amount.

Increase in benefits from January 1, 2022:

Special unemployment benefit equal to 13 days unemployment benefits: from 207.61 euros today to 211.77 euros. The special benefit after a three-month stay in the unemployment register is equal to 15 days of unemployment benefits: from 239.5 euros to 244.35 euros. The special allowance for those who have served a sentence of imprisonment is equal to 15 days unemployment benefits: from 239.5 euros to 244.35 euros. Special benefit due to interruption of work or interruption in work is equal to 20 days of unemployment benefits: from 319.4 euros to 325.8 euros. Special seasonal allowance – its size for builders is set at 70% of 37 times the current unskilled wages: from 752 euros will reach 767.1 euros. Special seasonal assistance for the professions of musicians – singers, actors, etc. – from 508 euros will reach 518.35 euros. The unemployment benefit from 399.25 euros will reach 407.25 euros. The allowance also affects the earnings of those participating in the ATEI-ASPAITE (formerly SELETE) Student Employment Business Grant programs, which is 50% of 80% of the statutory minimum wage for unskilled workers, and the professional experience program paid to recipients. compensation in the amount of the minimum wage.

It is noted that the salary of beneficiaries of public programs is tied to the minimum wage.

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