Expert: Omicron "curb" not earlier than mid-February

According to Matina Pagoni, President of the Association of Doctors of Hospitals of Athens and Piraeus, the “explosive mixture” of Delta and Omicron strains, which darkened the New Year holidays, is still developing.

According to the EINAP President, we will be at the peak of the Omicron mutation around January 15th, and the situation is expected to escalate around February 15th, according to the data available to date.

“Hospitals are 90% full of cases of coronavirus due to the Delta mutation. But in new cases of hospitalization, Omicron dominates with 62%,” Ms Pagoni commented in an interview with ERT.

“The goal is for patients with Omicron who have mild symptoms to be treated at home and not burden the healthcare system. And do not forget about vaccination! ”, – stressed the President of EINAP.

The expert added that the new strain “infects” not only young people, but also older people with concomitant diseases, and the third dose of the vaccine can significantly protect them.

With regard to schools, Ms. Pagoni expressed the opinion that by using self-testing and adherence to measures, the situation can be under control, and “it seems that there will be no special problems.” However, the specialist noted that “we will talk about this after the meeting of the expert commission.”

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