Expert: Omicron "curb" not earlier than mid-February

According to Matina Pagoni, President of the Association of Doctors of Hospitals of Athens and Piraeus, the “explosive mixture” of Delta and Omicron strains, which darkened the New Year holidays, is still developing. According to the EINAP President, we will be at the peak of the Omicron mutation around January 15th, and the situation is […]

Omicron: Expert Uncertainty with Pathogenicity Assessment

The Sage Scientific Advisory Group estimates that the Omicron variant of the coronavirus should be about 90% less pathogenic than the Delta strain. However, not all so simple. The protection against Omicron has been found to weaken after 10 weeks. Epidemiologists, based on two new British studies, found that people infected with Omicron are 40-70% […]

Expert: it will be better with compulsory vaccination of persons over 50

If compulsory vaccination were introduced for everyone over 50, “we would live in a much safer environment in our country,” President of the Panhellenic Medical Association Athanasios Exadaktylos emphasized on SKAI today. Especially for the new mutation, he noted that there are still no definitive answers to the main questions that have arisen, but: “We […]

Relentless facts about the Omicron variant: it infects three times more than even those who have been ill

As shown by the data of the first studies of the new Omicron strain. A new strain that emerged from South Africa has caused alarm and great concern around the world. The Omicron variant “came” to raise more questions about the unknown virus. Despite early promising claims from scientists that it is a milder form […]

Greek vaccinated with two doses: the first case of the Omicron mutation in Crete

According to the information, a man from Crete, who was diagnosed with the Omicron mutation and who carries the coronavirus with mild symptoms, was vaccinated. A Greek from Johannesburg, who arrived in Crete directly from South Africa on November 26, tested positive for the coronavirus on November 29. Today it was confirmed that he has […]

Moderna, AstraZeneca, Pfizer and J&J Ready to Fight the Omicron Mutation

The race has begun among vaccine manufacturers Pfizer, Moderna, Astrazeneca and J&J. Pharmaceutical companies are rushing to modernize coronavirus drugs to eradicate the new Omicron mutation, which is of great concern around the world. Pharmaceutical companies have already announced that they will develop a special vaccine. At the end of November, the world’s leading manufacturers […]

Global Omicron Mutation Alert, Scientists Concern, Border Closures Everywhere

The Omicron coronavirus mutation is spreading around the world, causing concern among scientists, but also among governments that … seek to close their borders. Scientists have yet to determine how dangerous the mutation of the Omicron coronavirus, which the World Health Organization on Friday described as “a worrying option”, is. Outbreaks have been reported in […]

Omicron strain: retest EODY 40,000 samples

What EODY scientists say about the presence of the Omicron mutation in Greece. WHO experts, based on the experience of South Africa, suggest that strain Omicron spreads faster than all of its predecessors. Accordingly, it can infect a much larger number of people, including those who have already had other coronavirus variations. The organization calls […]

What are the chances of vaccinated people of getting infected with coronavirus

According to a statement by Maria Theodoridou at an official briefing by the Ministry of Health, held on Monday July 19, the chances of contracting the Delta strain in those vaccinated against the coronavirus are small, but real. Maria Teodoridou stressed that 90% of those hospitalized in intensive care units and in critical condition are […]

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