Crime is getting younger: 11- and 13-year-olds stole a bag in a cafe

Minors in Loutraki stole a bag in a cafe … and went for a walk.

The data of Greek law enforcement agencies are disappointing: the country is witnessing an increase in crime in general and, which is especially alarming, the number of crimes committed by minors has increased significantly. Criminologists note that a similar trend is developing due to child neglect.

“There is a growing number of children born out of wedlock and women who, after parting with their husbands, raise their children alone. This means that they take on the functions of earners. There is no time left to maintain the hearth and a favorable environment in the house. Hence the problems with children. Teenagers are looking for understanding, participation, and care on the side, ”says the human rights expert. The loneliness of the child pushes him to go out into the street, and there is not far away from being involved in a criminal environment.

Regarding the case in Loutraki, two minors are reported to have entered a cafe located on the city’s main avenue this afternoon, December 10, and stole a bag, according to information from The thieves, of course, immediately fled the scene. However, the police were notified of the incident, and law enforcement officers immediately began looking for juvenile criminals.

Less than half an hour later, the couple were detained in the Loutraki Coastal Park. They had already changed, leaving the loot in the house, and went for a walk … The police found the accused and took them to the police department. The stolen bag was found and recovered.

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