"Guardians of the Constitution" the headmaster of a school in northern Greece was arrested

An unprecedented incident, initiated by a group of self-proclaimed Constitution Guardians in central Macedonia, occurred Friday morning when eleven people approached the principal of a secondary school in Aeginio, handcuffed him and forced him into a car.

People dressed in uniforms resembling police officers with the “Guardians of the Constitution” patches, for some time “rolled” the headmaster around the city, and in the end, were taken to the police station for “violation of the Constitution.” They asked the officers to arrest the headmaster, claiming that he “tortured their children” by forcing them to “wear masks” and “undergo self-tests,” and they also asked the police to “order the school to stop this child abuse.”

However, the police officers did not understand the “noble” aspirations of the “guards”, detained the “kidnappers” and sent them to the police station in the town of Katerini, where the school principal was taken to a nearby clinic with minor injuries and in a state of shock.

The attackers included at least 3 parents whose children go to a specific school.

The attackers are reportedly members of a self-proclaimed group called “Guardians of the Constitution”who self-organized, dressed in uniforms behave as if they were police officers.

Teachers and students told the media that a group of “Guardians” have been watching the school for quite some time lately. In the previous days, outside the school, guards had chased teachers, shouting offensive words at them.

The teachers told the media that the Guardians threatened them that the school would be requisitioned and that an anti-vaccination teacher would replace them.

A few days earlier, a group of 3 entered the school without masks and reached the principal’s office to protest the protective measures the school was applying in accordance with Ministry of Education and State regulations.

“They told us that we were acting illegally and violating the constitutional rights of children,” the teachers said.

The teachers filed a complaint with the local police station, but the police did not respond.

On Friday morning, the “kidnapping” took place in the courtyard of the school, in front of about ten students, who were shocked to see that their director had been abducted and the car had driven away in an unknown direction.

“It was early morning and luckily the school was half empty. But all the children who were present at the incident were frightened by what they saw, ”one teacher told local media.

The teachers who were present at the incident gave evidence to police investigators.

The student council president told Mega TV that the group’s harassment of teachers began in early November, when one student tested positive for Covid-19 and another refused to take the test as ordered.

“This is absolutely absurd,” he told state television ERT the mayor of the region Anastasios Manolas.

“This behavior is provocative and unacceptable, and the police must not allow it to be repeated,” said Citizen Protection Minister Takis Theodorikakos.

According to the latest information on Friday afternoon, the attackers were detained and are now in the prosecutor’s office. Nine men and two women were charged with a “felony” of kidnapping a school principal, as well as a series of misconduct, including threats, bodily harm, etc.

PS The absurdity of the situation lies in the fact that the authorities do not react in any way to the aggravation of the situation with “Guardians of the Constitution”. These people do not recognize any government authority, including the police, but require the police to requisition the school and imprison the principal.

The problem is whether they really believe what they say or are doing it simply for some “mysterious” purpose. And also the reason is not clear why these people who have lost their “shores” live among us, and do not rest in some institution behind a strong iron bars (we are not talking about a prison).

What is happening is very similar to the situation with the anarchist organization. “Rubicon”, which has been doing disgraceful things in Athens for more than 4 years, without receiving any rebuff from the authorities. They account for the destroyed offices of newspapers, private companies, ministries (including an attack on the Ministry of Defense), the embassy and universities.
The authorities periodically detain members of the organization, but then immediately release them (the same happens with the self-proclaimed guards).

Apparently the presence of such clowns is beneficial to someone.

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