Matina Pagoni: “To the supermarket with an express test”

Matina Pagoni, President of the Doctors’ Association of Athens and Piraeus Hospitals, is calling for a double mask and rapid test for unvaccinated supermarket visits.

“The mask saves” is the main message of the President of EINAP. She stressed that outdoors, the mask should become a must-have for everyone, with or without vaccinations. She also proposes to make the entrance to the supermarket upon presentation of a certificate of vaccination, and not having one – using an express test and a double mask.

Ms Pagoni emphasizes that this proposal should be urgently considered by the committees, since in supermarkets it is far from always possible to comply with the existing rule – one person per 8 square meters.

She argues that no other restrictive measures are needed. They have already caused fatigue all over the world, and if what is already in place is followed, then “everything will be fine.” Isolation should not be discussed, even for the unvaccinated, and this should be the last measure.

Matina Pagoni responded to Pavlos Polakis, who questioned the effectiveness of existing vaccines against mutations, noting that he probably did not see the results of all the studies, otherwise his words are inappropriate:

“The vaccine is not only effective but also very effective against all mutations. And I would like to inform Mr. Polakis about Delta Plus ”.

The EINAP President noted that a particularly difficult Christmas is ahead. Today, the number of intubated is about 600, and the number of daily deaths is steadily growing and is comparable to the number of passengers on two buses, she said characteristically.

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