There will also be a “baker’s basket”: 3 products that may be there

Bakers and the Greek Ministry of Development are considering the possibility of creating a “housewife’s basket”, that is, the opportunity to get baked goods from the bakeries in the neighborhood at a reduced price. The proposal for a “household basket”, which is currently taking its final form and is expected to premiere on November 2, […]

In which supermarkets will the increase in food prices be “frozen”

The Minister of Development’s meeting with representatives of the commercial world on Wednesday 5 October resulted in an important agreement aimed at keeping the prices of basic products in supermarkets under control. The Ministry of Development and representatives of supermarket chains yesterday agreed on a “moderate” increase in prices for essential goods. At the same […]

Come in, shop and… you’re done: checkout-free supermarkets are coming to Athens

Carrefour plans to immediately open stores where consumers can shop in… 10 seconds! The green light for the company’s operations has already been given, according to Carrefour, and sales are going “excellent”. It should be noted that since April last year, the company has been actively managing 5 stores in Greece. Carrefour stores are “gaining […]

Arrest of a criminal who stole 100,000 euros from a supermarket safe

Employees of the Thessaloniki Police Department arrested a criminal who carried out more than 100,000 euros from a supermarket with his accomplice. A methodical investigation was conducted by the law enforcement agencies of the Northern capital, using video materials filmed by surveillance cameras installed in the store. This helped law enforcement officers find and arrest […]