"Family" showdowns of former partners led to disaster

The 68-year-old ophthalmologist from Halandri, who was shot by his ex-girlfriend in front of his joint child, continues to fight for his life. Doctors are doing everything possible to save a patient who came to them in serious condition.

The new information in the case of the attempted murder of an ophthalmologist in Halandri, 49-year-old artist, foreigner Klodiana Cello, is shocking. As it became known, in 2017, the doctor filed a complaint against her, because the woman did not return on time their joint daughter (born out of wedlock), which she took to her for the weekend. We will remind that the girl constantly lived with her father, and the mother was only allowed to see her occasionally.

In fact, the artist planned to kidnap her daughter and take her to Albania, but this plan was thwarted when the police “got down to business” following a complaint from her father. Clodiana realized that she was being watched, and when the authorities approached her door, she threatened to throw the girl from the balcony of the apartment. After several hours of negotiations, the police left, and Clontiana Cello found an opportunity to leave the apartment and hide in a car.

Her plan to transport the child to Albania was canceled due to a serious health problem for the girl, who needed to be rushed to a hospital (in Rio de Janeiro).

The prosecutor brought serious charges against a foreign woman who shot at the father of her child near his home in Chalandri, seriously injuring an ophthalmologist. The accused was prosecuted for attempted murder, illegal possession of firearms, illegal use of firearms, threats and attempted kidnapping of a minor under the age of 14.

The case has been referred to a full-time investigator.

The girl disarmed her mother
Meanwhile, as it became known today, perhaps it was her own child who stopped the criminal at a critical moment, and only because of this she did not kill the father of her daughter.

As the investigation established, Klodiana had already shot the ophthalmologist five times when her daughter ran up to her to stop her mother, who was in an inadequate state. The child, who witnessed this whole nightmare, pushed the mother, as a result of which the gun fell out of her hand. According to T-Live, the 12-year-old girl allegedly told her mother, “Wait, don’t do this! Don’t kill dad! ” Then she rushed to her wounded father and hugged him. The investigation is ongoing.

Course of events

As previously reported by “Russian Athens”, the bloody incident took place in Halandri yesterday, Thursday, November 11. The woman seriously injured an ophthalmologist, from whom she had an illegitimate child, according to a police statement.

The ophthalmologist’s former concubine was near an apartment building in Halandri. At that moment, when the doctor was parking his car, she took a pistol out of her purse and fired at him. Then the woman ran to her underage daughter, making an attempt to grab her, but she began to scream and resist.

The Emergency Response Police (Team DI.AS) immediately rushed to the scene. The officers immobilized the criminal and took her to the appropriate department. During a search of the scene, a pistol was found at the entrance of an apartment building.

In the car of the accused, which was parked near the house of the ophthalmologist, two knives, a dagger in a case, two mobile phones, a deck of cards, etc. were found and seized.

The arrested woman was taken to the Athens Prosecutor’s Office. An investigation is underway. The ophthalmologist’s wife is in shock.

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