Young people under 18 will be able to visit semi-open mixed rooms with a self test

A new element of the decree of the authorities on the regulations that must be observed by citizens during the coronavirus pandemic has been announced.

It is expected that the measures will be clarified today, which will take effect from tomorrow Saturday, November 6, and will relate to the obligation of unvaccinated citizens to present a rapid test or molecular test everywhere except pharmacies, grocery stores and churches.

The health minister said that young people under 18 will be able to visit mixed zones using a self test, not a molecular test (μοριακό) or a rapid test. This means that in both retail and open catering establishments, they will need a self-test.

Thanos Pleuris added that the issue of ‘bypassing the rules’ is particularly in the spotlight: “Control over the presence of a genuine certificate or tests will be thorough and comprehensive. And those who break the law will regret it. “

Speaking of the new measures, he reiterated the regulations on protection against covid in churches: “The new measures to stop the pandemic, which will take effect from tomorrow, mainly concern the protection of the unvaccinated. This is very difficult to do in churches. It is practically impossible to force churches to carry out such an inspection, just as it is impossible to restrict the exercise of religious duties by believers, as stipulated by the constitution. ”

The discussion of the mandatory third dose has begun
Mr Pleuris said: “We are moving towards a mandatory third dose of vaccine to ensure that vaccination certificates remain valid. Debate has already begun at the European level that the third dose of the vaccine is mandatory in six months in order for the vaccination certificate to be valid, ”the expert emphasized.

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